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acrobat xi pro 注册机


  Adobe Acrobat XI Pro是adobe公司旗下Acrobat系列软件,用于对PDF进行编辑,并且支持将PDF文件转换成PowerPoint格式,功能十分强大。

  Adobe Acrobat XI Pro需要激活才能使用,而序列号激活步骤繁琐,而且有时候会遇到序列号无效的情形,因此可以下载一个Adobe Acrobat XI Pro注册机以备不时之需。adobe acrobat xi pro 注册机是一款生成acrobat xi pro序列号的软件,绿色安全小巧,操作简单,实用性强!不仅如此,它集中了多种智能工具,为您提供更强大的沟通功能。

  adobe acrobat xi pro 注册机使用说明

  Install Instructions: (Read carefully!)


  1. Disable your Network card or pull the network cable.


  2. Install Acrobat Pro XI with a serial generated from our keymaker ( do not close the keygen!).


  3. Start Adobe Acrobat XI Confirm you have "connection problem" and you want it to

  activate offline.

  启动Adobe Acrobat,选择“网络连接有问题”及“我想离线进行激活”

  4. Confirm you have "connection problem" and you want it to

  activate offline.


  5. A request code will be generated. Use it with the serial you used to install adobe

  to generate your activation code. (Paste the Code in teh Keygen and click Generate)

  将生产的需求码(request code),粘贴到注册即,点击“generate your activation code”生成激活码

  6. Copy your generated activation code back into Adobe off lice registration

  and Validate it of course :).


  7. When installation is finished and BEFORE launching Adobe Acrobat again,Execute disable_activation.cmd (double click on it) if you hosts file is clean otherwise skip

  at your own risk. (like revoked serial) (in Vista or Win7, run it as admin if you have uac enabled)Or do it manually.Add the text below to the bottom of your hosts file.

  (The host file is located C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)

  # Adobe Blocker


  # Adobe Blocker

  8. After it has been activated re-enable you Network card and run the adobe updater to update your software to the latest version.


  9. Enjoy!到此激活全面完成!


  if you have any message about revoked serial re-install and have a hosts file clean and start at step1 again.Make sure you dont have any of those entries in your hosts file


  备注:如果提示注册无效,请清除host中127.0.0.1 lmlicenses.wip4.adobe.com和127.0.0.1,保存host文件。重新从步骤一开始激活步骤。

  If you encounter any issues with a previous installation/crack, please uninstall and delete those folders :

  C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache


  如果以前破解的有问题,请删掉软件后,进一步删掉C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache和C:\ProgramData\Adobe\SLStore两处文件,重新来一次吧。



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